For her first movie as a director, Lorena Villarreal wanted a story that had both drama and a Mexican touch, and the local legend of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) was perfect to achieve it.

«I have heard about this mysterious legend since I was a little girl. It always had an impact on me, and somehow I came up with a story related to that legend, but placed in the present time,» says Villarreal, who also produced the film.

She co-wrote the script with Enrique Rentería, an accomplished screenwriter. «For Las Lloronas, we developed a storyline giving a lot of relevance to the psychological complexities of the characters, and with the legend as a foundation for everything.»

«We needed to create a vintage atmosphere, with a gothic spirit,» reveals Villarreal. «In order to make it possible, we took the production to a small town called Sabinas, in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This place was perfect to make real what I had in mind.»