On July 1 st, 2002, Barraca Productions was founded. In addition to film production and distribution for exhibition in commercial theaters, we produce educational, industrial, and advertising films and videos.

Among Barraca´s achievements, the production of the publicity and public relations campaigns for “Las Lloronas” (2004 ) stands out, for which the design and implementation of national and international distribution and commercialization was made as well. The movie obtained a mention for being one of the best commercial runs of the year.

Barraca is currently working in the production of “Silencio”.



Film direction and integral development of the production of every film project, from conception to exhibition.


Creative content development, commercial spot shooting, and execution of audiovisual pieces for digital media.

Post Production

Equipment, editing software and experts, animation, photography, and special effects to create greater artistic, commercial or institutional impact.


Recording studio, television set and channel; along with the most sophisticated, state of the art equipment, hardware, and software.



As a director, Lorena Villarreal knows a great story when she hears one, and (la Zona del Silencio) the Zone of Silence, Mexico provided fascinating tales time and time again.